MPEF Martial Arts Academy

Morden Karate Classes

 Kyokushin-Kai Karate


Junior Karate: 6.00pm – 7.00pm

 Age: 4+ 

Payment Options:

Junior Karate – Class Fee

Payable by half term in advance

£55 per half term – standard 

(access to your main class)

£65 per half term – unlimited 

(for an extra £10 per half term you are able to train at all our classes in the local area as many

times a week as you wish)


Method of payment: Cash, card or bank transfer


 See below half term payment due dates for 2020

Week commencing 6th January 2020

Week commencing 24th February 2020

Week commencing 20th April 2020

Week commencing 1st June 2020

Week commencing 31st August 2020

Week commencing 2nd November 2020


Please note:

– Fees must be paid within the first week of every half term start date as above

– If you wish to stop training at our club a full half term notice is required
– All fees are non-refundable
– If you are unable to attend a class for any reason you are welcome to make up your missed session at one of our other local classes



Annual membership, licence and insurance fee


All fees are payable direct to the instructor


Students work to a belt system. There is a grading four times per year for those students who are ready




Morden Primary School, London Road, Morden, SM4 5PX